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About This Layout

Okay, I'm literally addicted to pink :) This layout is named Always there for you... featuring these two girls from a game called Cafe Little Shop. The image looks adorable unfortunately, the game is only available in Japanese.

This layout tooks me over 3 hours to complete, from a bright red theme to black and back to pink. I've search through every pictures in my harddrive to pick this image :) Yeah, I'm very picky... Heehee, this layout uses table and css coding instead of div since I have way to many div layout already. Navigation uses the circles above, have fun and please don't forget to give me credits.

Ivy Tran

Using This Layout

  1. Unzip and upload everything in a single file into your main directory server.
  2. Open index.html edit your navigation which is the hearts.
  3. If you have any problems editing this layout, feel free to post your questions at the Aethereality Message Board

Terms of Usage

  1. No EMULATIVE work is permitted.
  2. Watermark may NOT be removed.
  3. Original coding and design may not be altered any way.
  4. Do not copy my CSS to another layout of yours

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